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At GBE,  we are distinct, and it’s because of our unique approach to delivering customized video production solutions to individual and corporate clients.

We are many creative people who love storytelling using our cinematic skills. With this core philosophy, we stand out from the competition and the average point-and-shoot camera layman.

Using our storytelling skills, we create memorable videos, which have always left our clients in awe, bringing us continued referrals and repeat business. We’ll work with any scope and budget to deliver the most amazing wedding or corporate event video coverage you can think of.

Our videographers utilize a form of in-camera editing, while at the same time preparing shots and carefully selecting them before pressing record. Additionally, we do sound editing before delivery to make the video enjoyable.

GBE professional videography comes without cheesy effects. We record exactly as it happens, with an artistic angle, in a style that is universally accepted. We work competently to create a professionally made cinematic video collection.

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