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You know it’s a wrap when you look at cherished pictures from your mind-blowing events in school and even then, your heart still beats to the sound of the night while your head revolves around the fairytale-like scenarios that marked the best milestones in all of your school events.
Tired of getting a DJ that is “way past his prime” and thinks he knows what this generation is looking for? GBE Events ensures that you don’t have to look any further. The DJ’s we select for your event will be young with tons of experience in nightclubs and school dances. Having an experienced and younger DJ is beneficial because they can relate to the students, lingo, pop culture, and listen to the same music that the majority of teens are listening to now. Seamless mixing, exclusive remixes, energy, passion, top of the line equipment, and of course all music is always radio edited! .

The staff at GBE Events understands how crucial it is to have the best prom DJ Entertainment in NJ and NYC area to deliver your students the ultimate memorable lifetime high school experience. Prom is the main topic most talked about all throughout their junior and senior year! It’s the most talked about milestone event every year. Don’t settle for the average DJ entertainment company to deliver an “average” performance, just because they are “friends“ with the planner. We strive to out due your expectations as well as ours, to make every year better and unique! Prom should be considered a reward for the 4 years of hard work and dedication in and out of the classroom, the students have dedicated. Send them off to college and the next chapter in their lives, with a BANG by providing them with a professional and young entertainment group that will dedicate themselves to deliver exclusive entertainment, engaging and involving all of the students, for one of their very last major events, united together in high school.

Our Job is quite simple. That is to make sure all of the students, including the faculty, are on the dance floor celebrating a successful 4 years of high school, and kick off the summer with excitement. GBE Events will make your prom like no other to have everyone talking!  

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